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Aluminet shade cloth

  • BW-AluSN001


  • 0604221

  • 2x2m, 2x3m, 3x3m, 4x4m, 4x6m or others

  • Aluminum

  • Silver




Aluminet shade cloth is a type of agricultural and horticultural fabric that provides shade and temperature regulation for plants. It is made from a knitted mesh fabric composed of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) and aluminum strips. The aluminum strips are woven into the fabric, creating a reflective surface that helps to reflect sunlight and heat away from the plants.

Aluminet shade cloth is commonly used in various agricultural applications, such as greenhouses, nurseries, and shade houses. It is also utilized in horticulture, including the shading of crops, orchards, and ornamental plants. The net is typically available in rolls or sheets, allowing for easy installation and customization according to the specific requirements of the area to be shaded.

In addition to providing shade and temperature regulation, aluminet shade cloth also offers other benefits. It can act as a barrier against insects, birds, and other pests, protecting the plants from damage. The fabric is lightweight, durable, and UV-stabilized, ensuring long-lasting performance even in harsh weather conditions. It is also resistant to mildew and can be easily cleaned if necessary.

Overall, aluminet shade cloth is a versatile and effective solution for providing shade and temperature control in agricultural and horticultural settings. Its reflective properties, along with its ability to allow air circulation, make it a popular choice among growers for protecting plants and optimizing their growth and productivity.One of the key advantages of aluminet shade cloth is its ability to reflect light and heat. The aluminum strips on the fabric reflect a significant portion of the sunlight, reducing the amount of direct radiation that reaches the plants. This can help to keep the temperature in the shaded area cooler compared to the surrounding environment, protecting sensitive plants from excessive heat and preventing evaporation.



Product name Aluminet shade cloth
Material  aluminum coated HDPE / aluminum material without HDPE
Shade rate 30%, 40%, 50%, 70%, 80%
Color  Silver , silver green, silver golden
Weight 30gsm, 50gsm, 70gsm, 90gsm, 100gsm, 120gsm

2x5m, 2x3m, 3x4m, 4x5m, 4x6m

2x100m, 3x100m, 4x50m, 6x50m or as request

10 ft x 12 ft-01


Compared with normal shade cloth, aluminet shade cloth with reflective feature to diffuse light from different directions. It reduce indoor temperture fastly. It is widely used in car covering, cover pet house,tent cover and greenhouse. 

aluminet shade net 1aluminet shade net1aluminet shade clothaluminet shade net 3aluminet shade net 4

Shade Rate

We supply different shade rate aluminet shade cloth to meet different applications.

  • Aluminet shade cloth 30%

  • Aluminet shade cloth 40%

  • Aluminet shade cloth 50%

  • Aluminet shade cloth 60%

  • Aluminet shade cloth 70%

30% aluminet shade net40% Aluminet shade net50% aluminet shade net60% aluminet shade net70% aluminet shade net

What's Material of Aluminet shade cloth?

There're 2 kinds of material of aluminet shade cloth:

1. Aluminum coated HDPE material (The most common)

2. Aluminum material 

It is a high-quality, reflective, metalized, HDPE, knitted screen material which use in greenhouse thermal screens, car parking cover, dog pet house cover,  used as an alternative to black shade cloth. It is specially treated to prevent oxidation, and because the strands are twisted, Aluminet will diffuse light from many directions. It reduces greenhouse temperatures by 9-14%.

Compared with normal material HDPE shade cloth, aluminet shade cloth is with extra function "reflective", which means aluminet or aluminet yarn wire will reflect the sunlight and keep cool inside the greenhouse/ pet house/ car parking area. If it used in greenhouse, this aluminet shade cloth will also reflect sunlight and gives sunlight to plants on different corner.

alumient shade net

So in conclusion, compared with normal type shade cloth, aluminet shade cloth used in plant shade cloth has below advantages:

  • Higher yield, especially in tall canopy crops. With direct light, the upper leaves get excess light and the lower leaves are in shade. With diffused light, the light is spread more evenly throughout the canopy. In a greenhouse tomato study in Israel, a 6-7% increase in tomato yield (11,574 kg vs. 10,866 kg for one manufacturer and 9972 kg vs. 9094 kg for a second manufacturer) was seen for films with diffusive agents (comparisons include the same films with and without the diffusive additives).

  • More diffused light will minimize shadows within the greenhouse, giving more constant light throughout the greenhouse.

  • Diffuse light gives more light into the lower canopy, which may stimulate branching.

aluminet net 2

Batawa produce top quality aluminet shade net, warranty 5 years outdoor. Otherwise, all aluminet shade cloth can be customerized to be different shape even triangle or rectangle. Because we are direct factory of aluminet shade net. Now we are developing different colors of aluminet shade cloth.