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What Is Greenhouse Outer Reflective Sun Shade Net ?

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29649Aluminum Highly Reflective Shade Cloth

Greenhouse Aluminum Refective Shade Cloth a high quality aluminum foil knitted screen. It's manufactured with a special anti-oxidation and UV-resistant coating, giving the screen durability and longevity.Silver mesh fabric provides uniform shadow, controls air movement and provides optimum diffused light transmission to the crops,moderates day/night temperatures, enabling micro climate control in vehicle,comping tent cover and dog enclosure.

There're below types of reflective shade cloths are widely used on greenhouse cover:



  • Optimal Light Regulation: With different shading rate, it ensures the right balance of light and shade for plants.

  • Energy Efficiency: Helps save over  heating energy, reducing operational costs.

  • Enhanced Photosynthesis: Increases the amount of scattered light, promoting better plant growth.

  • Uniform Shadow: Provides consistent shading, controlling air movement and ensuring even plant growth.

  • Durable Material: Made of  Polyethylene  40% Aluminum, ensuring longevity and effectiveness.


·   Aluminet Shade Cloth for Plants                                          ·   Aluminet Shade Cloth for Flower
·  Aluminet Shade Cloth for Vegetables                                  ·  Aluminet Shade Cloth for  Tomatoes
·  Aluminet Shade Cloth for  Cars                                              ·   Aluminet Shade Cloth for Livestock

The Advantages Of Aluminet Shade Cloth

Aluminet effectively reduces temperatures by up to 10°F and can be used as a wind blocker in cold weather.
This silver shade mesh has been used to protect crops in the greenhouse, shade animals and livestock, cool greenhouses and structures, and control light pollution in observatories.

Dr. Daniel H. Willits has studied at North Carolina State University (NCSU).

According to him, black shade provides little thermal improvement in the greenhouse. In contrast, aluminet shade cloth results in redecing heat radiation and keeping greenhouse temperatures well.

Dr. Willits also reported that reflective materials decrease 30% heat radiation in botanical-garden.
Compared to that, black shade cloth has a 60% shading level without the function of keeping heat radiation.
This process turned to significant reductions in leaf/greenhouse temperature. Of course, it increases a greenhouse’s productivity potential.

The addition to the study is the customers’ testimony. They claimed that Aluminet cloth is making double improvement than dark fabric.

As they state, the benefits of Aluminet cover:

  • Regulation of day/night temperatures.

  • They are allowing microclimate control, a charge of air movement.

  • It gives selected diffused light transmission to the crops.

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