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2023 New Sun Shade Net


Polyethylene Monofilament Shade Mesh high-density diamond-woven fabric (does not fray) and contains additives that They provide resistance to solar radiation. 

Can be sewn, hemmed and eyelet It is lightweight, flexible and easy to install. 

 Description High density polyethylene components and UV stabilizers Warp thread 20 threads/in Weft thread 68 threads/in 

 Thread diameter 0.28-0.32 mm 

 Weight approx. 300 grams/m⊃2; Beige, blue, black, and green


Mesh: 60x19 

Weight: 300g/m2 

Dimension: 3.7x100m 

Colour: Black and Green 

Thread yarns: Black and Green round yarn 

Yarn dia.: 0.28-0.32mm 

Life span: 5-10years 

Place of Origin: China