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White Shade Net

  • BW-WSN50/80/90

  • batawa

  • BW-WSN50/80/90

  • 0.5~12m in width, 100m, 200m in length

  • HDPE+750KLY UV stabliser

  • white




Advantages of White Shade Cloth:

Reflective Quality: Unlike some of the darker shade clothes, white shade cloth excels at reflecting sunlight, This means that it can help prevent overheating and ensure a cooler environment for plants underneath, especially during some of the peak summer days when temperatures are at their highest.

Uniform Light Diffusion: The White Color of this Shade Cloth diffuses sunlight uniformly, ensuring that all of the plants under it receive an even spread and share of the sunlight. This can promote more consistent growth among crops and ornamental plants and will lead to better crop results and less wasted seeds or plants.  

Reduces Sunburn Risk: Plants, just like us humans, can get sunburned or damaged from the sun. A White Shade Cloth helps protect delicate plants from direct, harsh sunlight and UV Rays which reduces the chances of sunburn.

Energy Saving: For those on you who are using White Shade Cloth in greenhouses, the reflective nature of White Shade Cloth can lead to energy savings as it may reduce the need for additional cooling.


3 Main white shade net from Batawa



Product name

Item Number Shade rate Sizes
50% white shade net BW-WSN-50 50% 0.5~12m in width, 100m, 200m in length
80% white shade net BW-WSN-80 80% 0.5~12m in width, 100m, 200m in length
90% white shade net BW-WSN-90b 90% 0.5~12m in width, 100m, 200m in length