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Crossover Anti Hail Net

  • BW-HAN0090

  • Batawa

  • BW-HAN0090

  • 8x8mm, 16x16mm, 20x20mm, 25x25mm

  • HDPE+ 5 UV Stabliser

  • Black, white




Quad Crossover Net is suitable for permanent structures over pip fruit, vineyards, kiwi fruit, apple and cherry orchards They
provide an advanced degree of protection from hail storms, birds, and also creating an enhanced micro-climate.
The strong high-density polyethylene fabric won’t rot or absorb moisture.
* Durable HDPE fabric: moisture-resistant and non-decaying.
* Diamond lock-stitch: 4-yarn crossover to keep out even tiny birds.
* Microclimate canopy: maintains a controlled environment below.
* Designed with reduction edges: ensures easy handling.
* Minimizes transpiration evaporation and spray drift.
* Convenient packaging: delivered in woven polypropylene bales.
* 10-year UV degradation warranty (terms apply).


  • Advanced Protection: Provides comprehensive defense against hail, birds, and sunburn, ensuring crops remain unharmed.

  • Diamond Lock-Stitch Design: Unique four-yarn crossover design deters even the smallest birds, providing an added layer of security.

  • Micro-Climate Creation: The canopy design promotes plant growth by reducing transpiration evaporation and ‘spray drift’.

  • UV Resistant: Manufactured with UV additives, ensuring a UV stability of 1500KLY, protecting the netting from sun degradation.

  • Durable Fabric: Made from 100% Virgin High Density Polypropylene, ensuring longevity and resistance to rotting or moisture absorption.


Mesh SHAPE Mesh Structure Mesh Size Loops/Inch Weight(gsm) Denier Colors Shade Factor Max Width Max Length
Hex Double crossover 2×6 20mm 2.5mm 60 530 Grey 13% 22m 400m
Hed quad crossover 4×7 25mm 2.3mm 60 480 Red 9.0% 28m 400m
Hed quad crossover 4×7 25mm 2.3mm 60 480 White 7.5% 28m 400m
Hed quad crossover 4×7 25mm 2.3mm 60 480 White 16% 28m 400m
Hed quad crossover 2×6 16mm 2.0mm 60 350 Blue 20% 21m 400m
Hed quad crossover 2×4 13mm 2.2mm 60 450 Black 18% 15m 400m
Hed quad crossover 7×7 20mm 2.9mm 95 450 White 45% 29m 300m

31002 31012


  • Overhead Wind Protection

  • Overhead Canopies for shade

  • Bird Protection

  • Reduction in evaporation Creating a Micro Climate under the Canopy

  • Reduction in Sunburn

  • Reduction in Transpiration Evaporation