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Olive Harvest Net


Olive net 7

What is Olive harvest net?

An olive harvest net, also known as an olive picking net or olive collection net, is a specialized tool used in the process of harvesting olives from olive trees. It is designed to catch the olives as they are shaken or knocked off the branches during the harvesting process. The net is spread out under the olive tree's canopy, and then the tree is either gently shaken or the olives are manually harvested by hand, causing the olives to fall onto the net below.

The olive harvest net serves several purposes:

  1. Collecting olives: The primary purpose of the net is to catch the olives as they drop, preventing them from hitting the ground and potentially bruising or damaging them.

  2. Easy collection: The net makes it easier to collect the olives in an organized manner. Once the olives have fallen onto the net, they can be easily gathered and transferred into containers for further processing.

  3. Preservation of fruit quality: By using the net, the olives can be collected without getting in contact with the soil, reducing the risk of contamination and maintaining their quality.

  4. Efficiency: The net facilitates a more efficient harvesting process, as it allows multiple olives to be harvested at once, reducing the time and labor required for collection.

Olive harvest nets come in various sizes and materials, including lightweight fabrics or durable plastics. They are a common tool used by olive farmers and growers during the olive harvesting season.


Name Olive harvesting net
GSM 50g/m2, 65g/m2, 78g/m2, 85g/m2, 90g/m2
Size 3x6m, 4x8m, 5x10m, 5x12m, 6x6m, 8x8m, 10x10m,  12x12m
Packway normally one piece fold into a PE bag, then several  pieces  compressed by  PP bag
Load quantity of 20 GP 4500~5000kg
Load quantity of 40 HQ 11000~12000kg
Color normalls green, yellow or as client's request
Material hdpe + uv
UV warranty 3% or 3 years at least
Brand name BATAWA
Denier of yarn 300~500D
Use collection of olive under the olive tree
Delivery time of 20 GP 25 days after order confirm
Delivery time of 40 HQ 35 days after order confirm
Payment L/C, T/T , L/C...

Olive net8

olive net10

olive net9