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Transparent Energy Saving Screen



Transparent Energy Saving Screen ( TES), is an innovative solution to increase light transmission and heat retention to save energy both day and night for your greenhouse.

Saving energy – both at night and during the day – is a major benefit. Its high light diffusion and transmission make it suitable for day and night use. Its heat retention helps to stabilize temperatures, thereby reducing dew and fungal disease risks.

We have been the professional Transparent Energy Saving Screen manufacturer in China for more than 12 years.
It is manufactured with High-Strength and eco-friendly polyester yarn and PET film by knitted structure.
The basic function of the Transparent Energy Saving Screen is to absorb the dews on the screen and avoid damage to plants.


  1. Insulation Excellence: TES screen effectively regulates greenhouse temperatures for optimal plant growth.

  2. High-Quality Make: Crafted from premium PET, TES boosts light diffusion and transmission, fostering enhanced plant photosynthesis.

  3. Moisture Control: Its polyester yarn absorbs moisture, decreasing condensation and fungal disease risks.

  4. Breathability: The screen’s unique knit allows water vapor passage and ensures excellent air permeability.

  5. Energy Efficiency: TES excels in heat retention and light diffusion, minimizing greenhouse energy loss.

  6. UV-Protected: Fortified with anti-UV stabilizers, ensuring long-lasting effectiveness against UV damage.

  7. Heat Resilience: Even under prolonged high temperatures, its thermal shrinkage is below 1%.

  8. Installation Flexibility: Suitable for sliding or hanging systems and is compact for effortless storage.


Weight (gsm)
Shade Rate
Energy Saving
Width of Strips


  1. Perfect for greenhouses focused on energy conservation.

  2. Suitable for areas with significant temperature variations.

  3. Ideal for crops needing specific light and temperature conditions.

  4. Usable in livestock shelters for a comfortable environment.

  5. Helps in reducing the risk of fungal diseases in plants.