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Nylon Trellis Netting

  • 5'x350', 6'x350', 10'x1500'

  • Nylon, polyesyer

  • White, green , red, yellow



1, The nylon trellis netting, also called "plant support net", is made of 100% virgin nylon material, thickness twine is around 1mm~3mm is enough to use. (It depends on which kind of plant)

2, Material : Nylon

3, Mesh shape: square 

4,  Mesh size: 3.5'', 5'', 6'' ,7''

5, Netting size   5'x15', 5'x30', 5'x60', 5'x100', 5'x350' 5'x750', 6.5'x350' 

6, Color : White is most common, other colors are available, such as green, red, yellow. 


1, Trellis netting can be ahuge advantages for growers. It can support plants in their natural formoruse it to train them tomaximize yields. Ideal for tomatoes, beans, peppers, cucumbers, and other vining plants or for use as support. 6 in. square mesh offers easy accessibility and sturdy weight support.

2, Use trellis netting for big gains: higher yields, faster harvest, and improved quality.

3, Big opennings for thread plants through easily.

4, If you want to grow a garden, but you don't have enough ground space,  nylon trellis netting is an ideal products to solve this problem. 

Nylon trellis netting can save valuable ground space through support the plant to grow in vertically. Also, the nylon trellis netting can be installed in horizontally to ensure the plants or crops a health and fast growth.