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Plastic Trellis Netting

  • BW-JZJW-1515


  • 4'x8', 4'x16', 4'x50', 4'x100', 4'x328', 4'x1640', 4'x3280', 4'x4920', 6'x82', 6'x328',6'x1640', 6'x3280', 5'x3280', 6.5'x3280', 10'x1500'

  • Plastic

  • White, green, black, yellow.




Plastic trellis netting is a strong, durable, but lightweight netting, It's perfect for supporting vegetables, training stems for cut flowers, and tall vines, allowing airflow and sunlight to reach plants.Get better yields and raise healthier plants using this UV stablizied, chemical - resistant trellis netting.

You can also use this trellis net horizontally for long-stem flowers such as dahlias, zinnias, and the like. Keep peas and pole beans supported with horizontal netting. Reduce blemishes on fruit and grow straighter flower stems with supportive trellis netting. It can also used a lot in cannbbis growing.


tem Code
Net Size US
Net Size CN
Unit Weight
4 feet x 8 feet
1.22 m x 2.44 m
24 g
Hangcard + Polybag
4 feet x 16 feet
1.22 m x 4.88 m
48 g
Hangcard + Polybag
4 feet x 50 feet
1.22 m x 15.24 m
150 g
Hangcard + Polybag
4 feet x 100 feet
1.22 m x 30.48 m
300 g
Hangcard + Polybag
4 feet x 328 feet
1.22 m x 100 m
976 g
60cm Roll
4 feet x 1640 feet
1.22 m x 500 m
4880 g
60cm Roll
4 feet x 3280 feet
1.22 m x 1000 m
9760 g
120cm Roll
6 feet x 82 feet
1.83 m x 25 m
366 g
Hangcard + Polybag
6 feet x 328 feet
1.83 m x 100 m
1464 g
90 cm Roll
6 feet x 1640 feet
1.83 m x 500 m
7320 g
90 cm Roll
6 feet x 3280 feet
1.83 m x 1000 m
14640 g
180cm Roll

We supply mesh size 3.5'', 4'', 6'' plastic trellis netting. 

Net Size Width 4', 5', 6', 10' max. Length 8, 15', 30', 100', 328', 3280', 4920' etc

Key Features


· Supports crops for better airflow and sun penetration

· Perfect for supporting long-stem cut flowers for straighter stems

· Flexible, tear-resistant

· UV-stabilized

· Helps better utilize garden/greenhouse space

· Made of durable polypropylene

· Works perfectly with vine clips

· Better yields and crop success

· Creates easier working area for better weed management

· Reusable season after season, 

Product Details

Mesh size for Plant support net16881






Trellis NetTrellis Netting

           Pea&Bean Growing with trellis netting                           Flower Growing with trellis netting  

Plastic Netting for Garden Trellis

                                              Fruit Growing with  trellis netting 


Cannabis Growing with trellis netting 

Production Process For Plastic Trellis Netting

  1. Mixing. Mix raw materials, colorants and additives well

  2. Stirring. Screw moves materials forward to the extrusion head. During the process, raw materials, colorants and additives melt together.

  3. Molding. Materials enter the die from the extrusion head. Two dies rotate in opposite directions. Both dies have grooves through which melted plastic materials flows together to form a net.

  4. Cooling. The net comes in contact with the water, allowing it to solidify for further processing.

  5. Cutting. Flatten the plastic net and cut inside or outside the water.

  6. Drying & making rolls. During the rolling transportation, moisture is died out and the net is made in rolls for package or further treatment.

The picture shows the overall process of the extruded plastic net production

The plastic net is stretched in the post-processes.